Vikram Kirloskar (Businessman) Biography, Career, Education, Net Worth, Death, Family, Wife, Wiki, Age, And More

Vikram Kirloskar is the 4th Generation member of the Kirloskar Group which started in 1988.

Vikram Kirloskar Businessman

Vikram Kirloskar Family

Vikram was married to his girlfriend Geetanjali Kirloskar, director of Kirloskar Systems Ltd and the chairperson of Takshasila Healthcare Research Services and Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker India Ltd. They resided in Bengaluru, Karnataka. They began dating when Geetanjali was 18 and Vikram was 24 years old. Vikram proposed to Geetanjali at a party hosted by a common friend.

The couple has a daughter Manasi Kirloskar, a member of the board of Toyota Motors and the executive director of Kirloskar Systems Ltd.

In 2019, Manasi got married to businessman Noel Tata’s son Neville Tata and has a child, Jeh.

Vikram Kirloskar with his family

Vikram Kirloskar Career

Vikram plays a great role in the fast expansion of the Kirloskar Group. The Kirloskar Group was founded in 1888 by SL Kirloskar. The company produced the country’s first iron plough.

Vikram started using a lot of tools and processes in his early years after he joined the family business. He was a Trainee in Manufacturing at Kirloskar Cummins in Pune, where he worked hard to come up with new ideas.

Vikram owns Kirloskar Systems Ltd., a holding and investment company. Along with Toyota, Kirloskar Systems Ltd. is involved in making cars, textile machinery, aluminum die-casting, auto parts, and more.

Vikram Kirloskar Career

Vikram Kirloskar Death

Vikram passed away on 29th November 2022 due to a heart attack. At the time of death, he was 64 years old.

Vikram Kirloskar Funeral

Vikram’s funeral was held on 30th November 2022 at Hebbal Crematorium, Bengaluru.

Vikram Kirloskar Education

Vikram attended the Lawrence School, Ooty. Tamil Nadu. Later, he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Vikram Kirloskar Education

Vikram Kirloskar Net Worth

According to the corporate shareholdings report for September 30, 2022, Vikram owns 5 stocks that are worth more than ₹10 crores.

Vikram Kirloskar Wiki/Bio

Full name Vikram S. Kirloskar
Name Vikram Kirloskar
Date of Birth 1958
Age (in 2022) 64
Death 29th November 2022
Profession Businessman
Family Wife- Geetanjali Kirloskar

Daughter-Manasi Kirloskar

Son-in-law – Neville Tata

Grandchild- Jeh

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