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Sahil Khan Biography

India’s one of the well known and famous fitness freak, fitness influencer, YouTuber and film actor Sahil Khan is a motivation for all those people who want to be a bodybuilder. Sahil Khan was born on 5th November in the year 1976 in Kolkata, he belongs from a middle a class family. But now he is on the peak of success.

Sahil Khan Careers

From childhood Sahil Khan wanted to be bodybuilder just like Arnold Schwarzenegger so he joined gym at the age 14 and then after few years he decided to come to Mumbai and become great and successful bodybuilder. But in Mumbai his life took a 360 degree turn as he got chance in Indian Bollywood movie named “Styles” and then  everyone started to notice him and he got lots of movies but all those were flopped except “Excuse Me”. However, we should know that he started his Bollywood career through a music video, “Nachenge Saree Rat”   After all those flopped movies Sahil Khan focused on body building again and started to achieve his goal. Later Sahil started his own gym which has become a brand now and lots of body builders train there. One of the famous gyms of Sahil Khan is “Muscle and Beach Gym” situated in Goa. According to the sources the net worth of Sahil Khan is around  5.5 million which is equivalent to 40 Crore.

Now let’s talk about the personal life of Sahil Khan. Sahil Khan lives a life of luxury in Mumbai. Although, we have a great collection of cars.  Sahil Khan was married Negar Khan on 21 September in the year 2003, and they divorced in July 2005 for some issues.

Sahil Khan Controversy

Sahil Khan’s life without controversy can’t be imagined but the most controversial topic about Sahil Khan affair with Aayesha Shroff but in the year 2014 Ayesha Shroff cased a file on Sahil but Sahil’s lawyer saved him by showing proper proofs. Now Sahil Khan has entered another controversy with bodybuilder Manoj Patil, who allegedly attempted suicide in Mumbai a week ago, and has accused him of defamation and mental harassment. 

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