Paytm CEO Vijay Sekhar Sharma is No Longer A Billionaire – Indias Magazine

Paytm, a well known multinational financial company was founded in the year 2010. In that year Paytm tried to attract all Indian toward digital payment system with their attractive discounts and cashbacks.So, whenever we talk about Paytm, the first person that comes to mind is the CEO and the founder of Paytm Company, Vijay Sekhar Sharma. Vijay Sekhar Sharma is a great leader and a well known person in India who was ranked as India’s youngest billionaire in the year 2017 with a net worth of $1.3 billion and also in that year he was featured in Time Magazine’s World’s 100 most Influential People.

But recently a news come out that Vijay Sekhar Sharma is no longer a billionaire and this news is a real fact.

As we know that last year in the month of November Paytm issued their stock, which was expected to bring the company to a new height, but that IPO was listed with the downfall as there were very few investors who agreed on investing in a loss making company. Therefore, the share price of Paytm dropped more than 70%, which is a very big number and the market capital of this company has decreased from 1 trillion to 4,0000 crore. And due to these downfalls of the prices of the shares Vijay Sekhar Sharma’s wealth stands now at $999 million which is a massive amount of fall from it’s peak of $2.35 billion (before the IPO).

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