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Alli Neumann is a German actress and singer. In October 2018 her first EP Hohes Fieber was released, which was published by the Berlin music label JIVE Germany. In 2021, Alli Neumann founded her own label JAGA Recordings.

Alli Neumann Biography

Alli Neumann Personal Life & Career

Alli Neumann was born in 1995 in Solingen, Germany to a German father and a Polish mother. She lived in Poland until she was six years old. She then grew up in a village in Schleswig-Holstein.

As a child, Alli Neumann often visited antique shops and markets with her father, who works as an architect, where she found a record of the song Schöner Fremder Mann by singer Connie Francis, which she bought and discovered music as a result.

In an interview with presenter Jennifer Weist on the 2019 Deluxe Music TV show Update Deluxe, Neumann explained growing up listening to the music of The White Stripes, Oasis, and Alanis Morissette, whose songs she covered while performing at local town festivals. She also listened to a lot of the blues growing up, since this genre of music is omnipresent in her Polish homeland, comparable to the status of Schlager in Germany.

She used to perform in retirement homes, singing songs by France Gall and Connie Francis to residents. In addition, she revealed on the show that Jochen Hansen, the former bass player for Rio Reiser, was one of her early supporters, encouraging Alli Neumann to compose her own songs. From then on, Neumann was involved in the social environment of the Rio Reiser House in Fresenhagen, which had an inspiring effect on her.

In 2018, Neumann was seen for the first time alongside Jana McKinnon in Kim Frank’s feature film Wach. In October 2018 her first EP Hohes Fieber was released, which was published by the Berlin music label JIVE Germany.

In 2019 she released her second EP Monster. In September 2019, Alli Neumann performed at the German branch of the American music festival Lollapalooza at the Olympiagelände in Berlin. In the same year, she recorded with Trettmann the song time stands up, with which she reached the charts for the first time.

In 2021, Alli Neumann founded her own label JAGA Recordings, on which her debut album Madonna-Whore-Komplett was released on September 3 of the same year.

Alli Neumann Net Worth

Neumann has a net worth of $850K. She earns by being a singer. She also earns by doing music concerts.

Alli Neumann Relationship

There is no information present publicly about her relationship status so we are assuming that she is single and unmarried.

Alli Neumann Education

Neumann went to a local school in Schleswig-Holstein. She wanted to pursue music so she decided to drop out of school.

Alli Neumann Instagram Account

Alli Neumann Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 3 inch
Weight 58 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel

Alli Neumann Wiki/Bio

Name Alli Neumann
Full Name Alina-Bianca “Alli” Neumann
Date Of Birth 1995
Age 29 (as of 2023)
Birthplace Solingen, Germany
Profession Singer
Nationality German
Religion Roman Catholic
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Female
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Partner N/A
Spouse N/A
Children N/A

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