Who is Aditya Patel (Panodi) ?

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Aditya Patel (Panodi) Personal Life

Aditya Patel (Panodi) is a Young businessman and most Rich Person, he was born in the USA and Belong to Indian Patel (Gujrat) Family. He is the owner of dairy barn stores, and he has more than 200 shop in the USA he lives with his family in America.

Aditya Patel Panodi

Aditya patel is known for his roasting live and cringe comedy on Instagram  and his fans on instagram know him by the name panodi which the name has been given to him by his best friend  Deepak kalal.

Panodi Famous for Instagram Roasting Live

Aditya is very famous in doing cringe comedy in Instagram and thousands of peoples come to his roasting  live, he is so famous that one army has been created in social media whose name is panodi army Aditya is boss of this insta group army and many hackers includes in this army.

Aditya Runs his Instagram Live every night at 10 pm with Deepak kalal. He added random peoples to his live comedy, and roast, abuse, and insult them.

panodi live with deepak kalal

Aditya Keeps on doing controversy every day with someone or the others, which includes name like Hindustani bhau and kirti patel.

Aditya Patel (Panodi) Girlfriend

Aditya also had a girlfriend on Instagram whose name was snazzy, and they have a breakup, now Aditya abuses his every day and accuses him of cheating his 5 lakh and one I phone.

Panodi With Girlfriends

But now Aditya in relationship with soumya Tendon he loves her very much and take care of her, Aditya first time meet with soumya on Instagram live.

Panodi has also gifted iPhone 13 to many of his Instagram friends, including Deepak kalal.

owner of dairy barn stores

Aditya Patel Panodi Instagram


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First Name Aditya
Middle Name Patel
Last Name Panodi
Profession Businessman & Instagram Influencer
Age 34 years old
Girlfriend Soumya Tendon (Bitto)
Brother Goldy Chaudhary
Best Friend Deepak Kalal
Country India
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