Why is Chennai Super Kings So Successful?

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is a consistent game player in the Indian Premier Leagues (IPL). They started their humble beginnings in 2008. Since then, CSK became a consistent name in the playoffs in every IPL. The team also had its awards, like winning the IPL title four times already in 2010, 2011, 2018, and 2021. They’ve also been runner-ups for five times, which gives them a win rate of 58.98%.

But CSK’s success in the IPL doesn’t only come from luck. In this blog, we’ll explore the factors that make Chennai Super Kings a successful team.

Consistent Team Composition

Under MS Dhoni’s captaincy, CSK built a good team chemistry over the years. The likes of Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja followed through Dhoni’s high standards and influenced newer players over the years.

This consistency helped CSK understand each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, it begs the question how each player could fill those gaps in the team play. But more than that, this aspect also helped them maintain a stable team culture.

Tactical Flexibility

CSK doesn’t only study its players, but they also make them flexible.  This strategy from Dhoni brought CSK to many of its victories.

For example, in one of Chennai Super Kings IPL title matches, the 2018 IPL final against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Dhoni brought Shardul Thakur to bowl in the powerplay. Then, he brought back Dwayne Bravo to bowl in the final over.

Then in 2019 in a match against Rajasthan Royals, Dhoni sent out Ravindra Jadeja to complete the 12 run offs. Then, Jadeja hit two sixes off the last two balls, which made CSK win by four wickets.

Strong Batting and Bowling Lineups

This aspect goes in three ways: getting players, honing them, and attracting pros. CSK gets a lot of new players to develop. Unlike other teams, they like the consistent change in their lineup.

You’ll see many young names honed by CSK, like Deepak Chahar  and Shardul Thakur. They started young in the team and became a part of the core team.

Over time, the Chennai Super Kings squad also attracted many players from other teams. That’s why you’ll see them move to CSK after some time.

Supportive Management

Lastly, CSK has a supportive management that gives them a good environment to work in. This is hard to find in other IPL franchises, since they have a revolving door of players and coaches. But CSK likes to maintain their team and let them focus on winning the game.

Their management also arranged for a special charter flight for players during COVID-19. They also gave the players all the resources they needed to train while in quarantine.

There are many reasons why Chennai Super Kings best match isn’t against any team but the whole system in the IPL. With how they see their players, to how they train and take care of them, you’ll definitely get a successful team.

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