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Surinder Shinda was an iconic Indian singer in the realm of Punjabi music. Often referred to as the “grandfather of moc” and hailed as a “legendary” figure, he left an indelible mark on the industry. His impressive repertoire boasted numerous hit songs, such as “Jatt Jeona Morh,” “Putt Jattan De,” “Truck Billiya,” “Balbiro Bhabhi,” and “Kaher Singh Di Mout.”




Height- 175 cm


Born- 20 May 1959

Birthplace- Ludhiana

Died- 26 July 2023

Full name-Surinder Pal Dhammi

Profession-Singer, Actor

Spouse- Joginder Kaur



Surinder Shinda, originally named Surinder Pal Dhammi, was born on 20th May 1953 in Choti Ayali village, Ludhiana district, Punjab. He was born into a Ramgharia Sikh family. His mother is named Videavati, and his father is known as Ustaad Mistari Bacha.


Shinda was married to Joginder Kaur she is cousin of Dev Tharikewala’s wife, who is a renowned lyricist and has contributed lyrics for both Shinda and Kuldeep Manak.


Surinder Shinda is blessed with two sons: Maninder Shinda and Simran Shinda. Maninder Shinda, being the eldest, is a talented vocalist with remarkable skills…



Surinder Shinda, a prominent figure in Punjabi music, shared a strong camaraderie with the renowned singer Kuldeep Manak and was also instrumental in imparting musical knowledge to other notable artists such as the late Amar Singh Chamkila, Gill Hardeep, and his own son, Shiv Simran Pal Shinda. His distinct Kali singing style became iconic alongside Kuldeep Manak and several other musicians.

Among his impressive repertoire, “Jeona Morh” stands out as a legendary piece in the realm of Punjabi music. Additionally, his song “Badla Le Layeen Sohneya” achieved tremendous popularity, solidifying its place as one of the greatest hits in the Punjabi music industry.

Surinder Shinda career


Surinder Shinda’s musical contributions and unparalleled talent were honored with a Lifetime Achievement award at the 2013 Brit Asia TV Music Awards, recognizing his significant impact on the Punjabi music scene.


  • 2015: Gun & Goal as Inspector Didar Singh
  • 2014: Punjab Bolda as Faqeer
  • 2014: Kaim Sardari as Sardara
  • 2012: Rehmataan as Baba
  • 2012: Just Punjabi as Mohammed Singh
  • 2006: Ek Jind Ek Jaan
  • 2001: Sikandera
  • 1997: Truck Driver as Bachan Singh
  • 1996: Tabaahi as Thanedar Harnek Singh
  • 1996: Charda Suraj as Sukha (Suraj’s father)
  • 1995: Bagawat as Harnek
  • 1993: Ankhila Soorma (Live performance – Akhara)
  • 1992: Jatt Walaity as Shinda
  • 1991: Dil Da Mamla (Live performance – Akhara)
  • 1991: Jatt Jeona Mour as Inspector Gajjan Singh
  • 1991: Badla Jatti Da as Shinda
  • 1990: Anakh Jattan Dee as Shinda
  • 1989: Tunka Pyar Da
  • 1988: Patola as Dharma
  • 1986: Kee Banu Duniyan Daa as Shinda
  • 1986: Gabhroo Punjab Da (Live performance – Akhara)
  • 1985: Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da as Faqeer
  • 1983: Putt Jattan De



  • 2017: Vella – The Time (Music: B Praak, Lyrics: Jaani)
  • 2017: Gabru Punjab De (Music: Tru Skool and Kaos Productions)
  • 2017: Chori Chori (Music: Sukshinder Shinda)
  • 2013: Nintendo Star (Music: Ravi Bal)
  • 2012: Dhulla Bhatti
  • 2011: Jatt Dil Lai Gaya
  • 2010: Gaddi Shinde Di
  • 2006: Jagga Jatt
  • 2005: Putt Sardaran De
  • 2005: Gaddi Jatt Di
  • 2005: Jatti Ashiq Tere Te
  • 2003: Lock Down –
  • 2002: Gaddi 6 Cilander Di
  • 2000: Bol Punjab De
  • 1999: Teeyan Longowal Diyan
  • 1999: Oh Tera Kee Lagda
  • 1998: Shinde Diyan Kaliyan
  • 1997: Put Sardaran De
  • 1997: Jatt Mirza Kharlan Da
  • 1997: Kurhian Vajaon Tarhian
  • 1996: Talaak Amli Da – T-Series
  • 1989: Dilli Shera Diyan Khudiyan
  • 1994: Jattiye Ni Jattiye
  • 1994: Ghund Chakk Mar De Saloot Goriye
  • 1993: Gallan Sohne Yaar Diyan
  • 1992: Ik Kuri Mainu Telephone Kardi
  • 1992: Sucha Surma – DMC Records
  • 1991: Teri Fiat Te Jeth Nazare Lainda
  • 1990: Jad Miyan Biwi Raji
  • 1990: Yenki Love You Karde
  • 1989: Dhol
  • 1989: Main Diggi Tilak Ke
  • 1988: Jaan Amlee Di
  • 1987: Haani
  • 1985: Jeona Maurh
  • 1982: Surinder Shinda
  • 1981: Put Jattan De OST
  • 1979: Rakh Ley Clinder Yaara

Net Worth 2023

Surinder Shinda, a renowned figure in the Punjabi music and acting industry, hails from India. Born on March 17, 1954, he has gained widespread recognition for his exceptional talent. With considerable success in his career, his estimated net worth stands at $2 million.

Cause Of Death

Punjabi singer Surinder Shinda passed away on Wednesday morning. He had been undergoing treatment at DMCH Hospital in Ludhiana for the past few days. Some time ago, he had a minor operation at a private hospital in Ludhiana, which resulted in an infection spreading in his body.

Surinder Shinda death reason

Following this, he was admitted to Deepak Hospital for further treatment. Despite receiving medical care for several days, his condition did not improve, and a few days ago, the doctors referred him back to DMCH Hospital. It was there that he took his last breath on Wednesday morning.

The news of Surinder Shinda’s demise has caused a wave of grief in the Punjabi film industry. As soon as news of his death spread, several prominent individuals rushed to DMCH Hospital to pay their respects.

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