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Michele Bullock is set to become the ninth governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia on 18 September. This historic appointment will make her the first woman to head the country’s central bank, taking over the role from Philip Lowe.






Birthplace- Melbourne, Australia

Profession- Deputy Governor

Education-University of New England (BEc Hons 1984)

London School of Economics (MSc 1989)

Nationality- Australian


Michelle Bullock has not publicly disclosed information about her family, including details about her parents.


Michele Bullock, while being a married woman, has chosen not to disclose the name of her husband publicly. She may be enjoying her married life and raising her children, although specific details about her family life are not available.


Michele Bullock has had a distinguished career in the field of finance and central banking. Here is a brief overview of her career:

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA): Bullock has spent the majority of her career at the Reserve Bank of Australia, one of the country’s leading financial institutions. She joined the RBA in 1987 and has held various positions within the organization.

Deputy Governor: Bullock has served as the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia since 2016. As the Deputy Governor, she has been responsible for overseeing a wide range of functions, including financial system stability, payments, and currency operations.

Michele Bullock career

Other Senior Roles: Prior to her appointment as Deputy Governor, Bullock held several senior executive positions at the RBA. She served as the Assistant Governor (Financial System) and played a key role in the formulation and implementation of policies related to Australia’s financial system.

Research and Publications: Bullock has contributed to research and publications in the areas of banking, financial stability, and payments systems. Her expertise and insights have helped shape the RBA’s policies and strategies in these fields.

Industry Involvement: Bullock has actively participated in various industry committees and working groups, both at the national and international level. Her involvement reflects her commitment to the development and regulation of the financial sector.

Throughout her career, Michele Bullock has demonstrated strong leadership and expertise in the field of finance and central banking. Her contributions to the Reserve Bank of Australia and the broader financial industry have been significant, making her a respected figure in the field.

Net Worth 2023

According to reports, Michele Bullock has a property portfolio worth approximately $6 million. Her portfolio consists of four properties, one of which is a three-bedroom house located in Sydney.

Michele Bullock net worth 2023

Latest News About Michele Bullock

The appointment of current RBA deputy governor Michele Bullock as the next governor of Australia’s central bank has raised questions regarding the implementation of recommended changes to culture, governance, and practices. While it is not uncommon for the deputy governor to assume the top role at the RBA, some experts expressed surprise given the criticisms highlighted in the recent RBA review.

Independent economist Nicki Hutley noted that bringing in an external candidate could have been considered during this time but acknowledged Bullock’s qualifications and the government’s confidence in the institution. Peter Tulip, former RBA senior economist, expected an external appointment and questioned whether an insider could effectively drive cultural change. On the other hand, Richard Holden, a professor of economics at UNSW, expressed confidence in Bullock’s capabilities and widespread respect both within and outside the RBA.

Michele Bullock latest news

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