Manoj Modi Biography, Age, Education, Career, Role in Reliance, Family, Daughter, Net Worth, Personal Life, Mukesh Ambani’s Right Hand, House, and More

Manoj Modi is known to be Mukesh Ambani’s right hand and the man behind the soaring success of all multi-billion dollar deals at Reliance. Existing as a shadow to Mukesh Ambani and always by his side, he is known for his humility and his exceptional negotiation skills, which he doesn’t like to boast about.

Manoj Modi Personal Life

Manoj Modi Personal Life

Manoj Harivanjan Modi is a 55-year-old businessman born in a Gujarati family. He lives a very low-profile life and though he is the right hand of billionaire Mukesh Ambani, Manoj Modi prefers to remain off the radar. He was largely responsible for USD 5.7 billion deal between Reliance Jio and Facebook Inc.

As Mukesh Ambani is planning to expand his reach in digital technologies’ domain, Manoj Modi is silently helping him ink good deals. After Facebook’s deal, Jio Platforms inked many deals with different private-equity funds, adding USD 13 billion into the business.

Manoj Modi Education and Career

Mukesh Ambani’s batchmate and friend since their college days at University Department of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, Modi has been a part of Reliance Industries for several decades now. Having joined Reliance in early 1980s, he is one of the earliest employees of the conglomerate.

Manoj Modi career

He started working with Dhirubhai Ambani back in the day, then he worked with his friend Mukesh Ambani and also Nita Ambani for the longest time. Now he’s working with the new-gen Ambanis, Akash and Isha Ambani, to make the business grow in leaps and bounds.

Manoj Modi’s Job Role in Reliance

He did not hold any impressive designation at the business giant, nor does he have anything mentioned on his business card. But he is the man behind Jio’s famous deal with social media giant Facebook in April 2020. While the world was reeling under the effects of Covid-19 and the lockdown, Jio Platforms signed an INR 43,000 crore deal with Facebook. While Akash Ambani was credited to be the main man behind this huge deal, this man played a huge role too.

Manoj Modi Net Worth

He stays away from the public and not much is known about him. There are no reports about his earnings or net worth.

Mukesh Ambani Gifted to House Manoj Modi

But in 2022, Mukesh Ambani gifted a 22-storey building to Manoj Modi, for his contributions to the business. Situated at Nepean Sea Road in Mumbai, this building, with an area of 1.7 lakh square feet, is one just as posh as it can get! According to, the estimated price of the building is INR 1500 crore. The first seven floors of this 22 storeyed buildings are reserved for car parking and is the current residence of Manoj Modi.

Manoj Modi house

Family, Daughter

Bhakti Modi is a daughter of Manoj Modi. Currently, she is working as Director of Reliance Jio and Reliance Retail. Bhakti Modi also lives in the same house with his parents and husband.

Some Interesting Facts About Manoj Modi

  1. Manoj Modi was born and raised in Mumbai, India.
  2. He started his career with Reliance Industries Limited in 1986 and has been associated with the company ever since.
  3. Modi is known to be a close confidant of Mukesh Ambani, the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries.
  4. He played a key role in the development and launch of Reliance Jio, which is now one of the largest mobile network operators in India.
  5. Modi is known for his exceptional negotiation skills and is considered to be the man behind many of Reliance’s multi-billion dollar deals.
  6. Despite his high-profile role at Reliance, Modi prefers to maintain a low profile and rarely gives interviews or makes public appearances.
  7. Modi was largely responsible for the $5.7 billion deal between Reliance Jio and Facebook Inc., which was one of the biggest deals in the Indian tech industry.
  8. He has been instrumental in helping Reliance expand its reach in the digital technologies domain, with Jio Platforms inking deals worth billions of dollars with various private-equity funds.
  9. Modi is highly respected in the business community and has won numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the industry.
  10. In his free time, Modi is said to be a keen traveler and enjoys exploring new places around the world.


Name Manoj Modi
Occupation Business executive
Company Reliance Industries Limited
Role Right-hand man to Mukesh Ambani
Known for Exceptional negotiation skills and key role in multi-billion dollar deals
Awards and accolades Several industry awards and recognitions
Personal interests Traveling
Current residence Unknown
Age 55-year-old
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