Love or Fear? Elon Musk Locks Lips with a Robot, Amplifying AI Worries

Elon Musk is once again confusing fans and viewers, this time with a picture of him kissing a robot that many thought was his future wife.

Viral Photos of ‘Elon Musk kissing a Robot

The internet is confused by a series of photos of the founder and owner of Tesla and SpaceX posing with various female humanoids.

All of them are designed with artificial intelligence and have the same characteristics and personality as women.

While many thought that Musk was actually kissing a robot, it turns out that the images were created with the help of artificial intelligence.

viral photos of 'Elon Musk kissing a robot

CEO of a construction company, David Marven, posted the image and said: “Elon Musk announces the future wife, who is she?”

Mr. Marven added: “It is the first robot that has been manufactured specifically designed with artificial intelligence, with the personality and the characteristics of the female that he dreams of… which is not found in any normal person, because of course, there is no normal person that has all the required specifications.

“She has a balanced and interactive mindset… so she can share it if she is in a crisis or the feelings that she is experiencing or needs when she is exposed to any psychological stress.”

Elon Musk is Not Building a Robot Wife

“Elon Musk announces his future wife, who is she? It’s the first robot specially made with artificial intelligence that has the personality and characteristics of his dream woman…which no normal person can find, because of course there is no normal person. With all necessary information,” the tweet reads. However, it explains that these are not real images, but are created by artificial intelligence.

Elon-Musk-with his ai girlfriend

The dangers of AI

It turns out that the images are not real, and they were all created to show the dangers of AI images, as Marven explains. “Especially after the Tesla Company released the first integrated robot, ‘Optimus’,” he added.

One user said: “This post does clarify one of the dangers of AI – it is being used to generate images like these to fool people into thinking they are real.”

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