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Jefferson Machado, a well-known soap opera actor in Brazil, disappeared from his home in Rio de Janeiro almost four months ago. Months after Jefferson Machado disappeared, he was found dead in the home of a well-known acquaintance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Height -5 feet 11 inch

Weight-79 kg

Full name-Jefferson Machado Costa

Born-1979, July

Birthplace-California, USA





The late actor was born in Araranguá in 1979 to his mother Maria das Dores and Father Senor Machado. Ararangua is a city in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

Jefferson Machado Family


Jeff Machado was married, and his wife’s name is Amy.


The couple has two children, a daughter, and a son. The name of his children is not known.


He grew up in his native country and had the best possible education there. In 1997, Machado began studying acting at the age of 18. He also studied law and social communication.


Machado continues to build a strong career, becoming one of Brazil’s most beloved and famous actors. His films include Placebo Effect (Efeito Placibo) in 2021, which he also wrote himself. In his last role before his death, Machado played a Philistine soldier in the 2022 telenovela The Journey.

The multi-talented actor has tried other professions such as journalism, production, and volunteering. In Santa Catarina, he even worked as a gossip columnist in Rio do Sul, Itajaí Valley, and Florianopolis. In addition to her acting career, Machado has worked as a publicist, producer, artist, decorator, window designer, and stylist for campaigns, events, fashion shows, music videos, and television shows.

He also participated as a volunteer in a charity event as a press manager and producer.

Jafferson Machado Career

Cause Of Death

Jefferson Machado 44 was found dead on May 22, 2023. As Brazil’s acting community grapples with the sad discovery, authorities continue to solve the mystery surrounding the actor’s disappearance and subsequent death.

The beloved actor disappeared from his home in Rio de Janeiro on January 27, 2023, and was officially reported missing by the police on February 9.

According to his mother, Maria das Dores, she last spoke to her son on January 29, when he said he had gone to São Paulo for a job interview and was staying with a friend. Maria said, “He also said he dropped his mobile phone in the toilet, so he couldn’t make a video call.”

The final nail in the coffin that seemed to confirm something was wrong was when his cloud password was changed, and his location was disabled in February.

The family’s worst fears were confirmed when an NGO contacted them to report that their eight dogs had been abandoned at their home in Rio de Janeiro.

Authorities said they are now investigating the man after the actor’s remains were found bound and wrapped in a wooden coffin buried six feet under the yard of a Campo Grande home. The apartment was reportedly rented to an unknown suspect who was seen entering the apartment about a month ago. Authorities revealed that the suspect knew Machado.

Jefferson Machado Cause Of Death

According to R7 news, the family’s lawyer, Jairo Magallanes, said in a statement:

“His hands were tied behind his head, and he was buried in a trunk, Very similar to the one in his own house.”

Family friend Cintia Hilsendeger said Machado was murdered by “jealous, evil and of course ruthless people”.

The property where Jefferson Machado’s body was found was owned by a woman who told police she rented an outbuilding to the man.

Police have identified him as a suspect in the murder, but his identity has not yet been released. An NGO confirmed her disappearance after 8 dogs were found abandoned.

Each dog had its own tracking device – two of them unfortunately died, but the other six are still alive and receiving treatment at the veterinary canter.

Jefferson Machado Dogs

Net Worth 2023

Jefferson Machado net worth ranged between $1 and $5 million.

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