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Anna Speller is a Dutch singer and actress. In 2007, she stars alongside Monique van der Werff in director Tom Six’s Honeyz and can be seen in Ruben Sebban’s The Making Of at the Netherlands Film Festival.

Anna Speller

Anna Speller Personal Life & Career

Anna Speller was born on 28 February 1984 in Amsterdam, Netherlands to Dutch parents.

As a child, Anna took classes at Sirkel Sittard Youth Theater and Maastricht Youth Theater Partout. After HAVO, Speller began her singing career at just 17 years old, participating in Yorin’s Starmaker show. She wins a place as a singer in the pop group K-otic formed by the program. The pop group achieves explosive success mainly among Dutch teenagers and suddenly gains fame.

As a pop band, they release several singles and albums Bulletproof and Indestructible. In 2015, she was seen in the reality series The Seven Seas. Since K-otic split in 2003, Speller has had room to focus on her other passion, acting. She begins an acting course at De Trap in Amsterdam. Her first role is Merel Westhof in AVRO, TROS, and BNN series Het Glazen Huis. However, the series was canceled after one season due to disappointments. In 2006 the book Het Woeden Der Gehele Wereld by Maarten ‘t Hart was filmed and she was given the role of Joanna Overstein.

In 2007, she stars alongside Monique van der Werff in director Tom Six’s Honeyz and can be seen in Ruben Sebban’s The Making Of at the Netherlands Film Festival. In 2010, she begins with the role of Nina in the Feuten series. There will be three seasons and in autumn 2013 she will also be seen in Feuten: Het Feestje.

In 2014, Speller has a supporting role in the second season of the series “Divorce”. In 2015, she participated in the Expedition Robinson program. Speller is also active as a singer in addition to K-otic and her film

career. She does demos like Dirty and Something in the Air and collaborates with others. In 2006, she sings with Dewi Pechler and former K-otic colleague Bouchra Tjon Pon Fon in the group Bliss, and together with the boys of alter ego and Baldylox, she sings the song Knock Knock Bang Bang.

In late 2013, she covered Lorde’s song Royals with three other singers. The collaboration went so well that they found a girl group called ADAM with the help of songwriter and producer Alain Clark. Speller writes the band’s first track, Knowing You’re Worth It, inspired by Youssou N’Dour and Neneh Cherry’s 7 Seconds. The official first single Hit Me Again will be released in February 2014. The music video for the second single, Go To Go, is spreading worldwide. The video features Sanne den Besten, Suzanne Kipping, and Speller swaying as they sing. In five days, the video has been viewed more than 8,000,000 times.

Anna Speller movies

In January 2015, she can be seen in the reality series Like Adam, which shows the band’s formation and ups and downs. Due in part to the sudden death of her father, she leaves the group shortly before the series is published. In April 2015, it was revealed that the group was created by BNN so that the girls could be made into a scripted reality series.

Anna Speller Net Worth

Anna has a net worth of $15 million. She has gathered her net worth by being a singer and actress. She has a wide fanbase who loves her work.

Anna Speller Relationship

Anna said in the interview that in the spring of 2016, it was difficult for me. My father died a little earlier and my boyfriend at the time got broke up. I went down for a moment. In the summer I decided to start over and take care of myself first. No men for a while, lots of sports, no alcohol. I stuck with it, but at some point, I started itching to get reacquainted.

I had been single for five months and wanted to meet someone again. Sunday morning, more or less out of boredom, I scrolled through my filtered messages on Facebook, which contained everything: super sweet messages from people about Expedition Robinson, guys making bold proposals, and a nice text from one Jesse that made me laugh. It later turned out that he sent it because his sister-in-law said that I really was the girl for him. Because his message was in my spam, I didn’t read it until six months later. I messaged back, we chatted and it turns out we have a lot of the same interests. At first, I hesitated: is it really so or is he saying these things because he knows everything about me? Finally, my mom said, “Honey, just get to know this boy, you don’t have to get married right away.” “Jesse and I had only known each other for a few weeks when I found out I was pregnant. A big surprise because I had an IUD at the time. I kept my cool about it though; I’m fine when things don’t go as you plan. Jesse and I were still debating whether we could do it, but I wasn’t afraid to tell him I was pregnant. I knew very well that such a statement is the worst nightmare for a man who has not known a woman for so long. So I assumed he was crazy – and he was. ‘What?!’ he said. And then, “Do you want to keep it?” A lot of people said, “It’s your body, you have to decide,” but I wanted to do it together and make the decision with Jesse.

In the first week, we talked a lot about it and then we put the subject aside a bit to get used to the idea. I felt very stable and immediately felt a deep love for the child. I felt: I want to protect you. But I didn’t want to convince Jesse, so I didn’t force him. We were actually waiting for the moment when we both knew for sure what to do, but when do you know? Even if you’ve been together for years, you don’t know what to choose when you start having children.

We took a risk and said: let’s do it. It’s been a roller coaster ride: dating, pregnant, raging hormones, and living together. On the other hand, we also thought we were tough for this adventure. Unfortunately, a month ago we had to understand that we could not survive together.

She gave birth to a daughter named Maeve.

Anna Speller partner

Anna Speller Education

Anna completed her schooling at a local school. There is no information present publicly about her further educational qualification.

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Anna Speller Physical Stats

Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 52 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel

Anna Speller Wiki/Bio

Name Anna Speller
Date of Birth 28 February 1984
Age 39 (as of 2023)
Birthplace Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Dutch
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Sexuality Straight
Gender Female
Profession singer and actress
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Partner N/A
Spouse N/A
Children 1 Daughter- Maeve

Anna Speller Filmography

Year Title Role
2004-2005 The Glass House Merel Westhof
2006 Van Speijk Saskia – episode “Where there is a will and no way”
2006 The Raging of the Whole World Joanna Overstein
2007 Honeyz Eva Green
2007 The Making Of Mandy
2009 The Intern Chloe – Ep. “The Review”
2010 Soccer Women Lisa
2010 ONM Jacqueline “Jacq” Brunel #2
2010-2013 Feuten Nina
2011 Hextasia Kelly
2011 The Girls of Thijs Herself – ep. “Anna”
2012 Everyone Loves Jack Woman – ep. “The Apartment”
2013 Feuten: The Party Nina
2014 Divorce Felicity
2014 Sinterklaas & Diego: Het Geheim van de Ring Famke
2015 Like Adam Herself
2015 The Seven Seas Candidate
2015 Expedition Robinson Candidate

Anna Speller Discography

Year Artist Title Type
2014 Pi Dream Roof Single
2013 ADAM Royals (cover) Single
2013 ADAM Knowing You’re Worth It Single
2014 ADAM Hit Me Again Single
2014 ADAM Go to Go Single
2014 ADAM Howie DeWitt Single
2014 ADAM On to Something Single
2001 K-otic Bullet Proof Album
2002 K-otic Indestructible Album
2001 K-otic Damn (I think I love you) Single
2001 K-otic I Can’t Explain Single
2001 K-otic I really don’t think so Single
2001 K-otic No perfect world Single
2002 K-otic Falling Single
2002 K-otic I Surrender Single
2002 K-otic I don’t understand Single
2003 K-otic Tears Won’t Dry Single
2012 K-otic Something in the Air (Demo) Demo
2012 K-otic Dirty (Demo) Demo

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