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Maisie Peters is a talented English singer-songwriter who has made a mark in the music industry. Initially, she independently released two singles, showcasing her unique musical style and captivating vocals. Recognizing her potential, she caught the attention of Atlantic Records, who promptly signed her to their label.

Under Atlantic Records, Peters went on to release two impressive EPs, showcasing her versatility as an artist and her ability to connect with listeners through her heartfelt lyrics. Additionally, she contributed to the soundtrack of the second series of the popular British comedy series, Trying, further expanding her reach, and gaining exposure to a wider audience. With her talent and dedication, Maisie Hannah Peters continues to make waves in the music scene.



Height-5feet 1 inch

Weight-45 kg

Born-28 May 2000

Birthplace- Steyning, United Kingdom

Full Name-Maisie Hannah Peters





Maisie Hannah Peters, the talented artist, was brought into this world on the 28th of May 2000, in a quaint West Sussex town located in England. Her parents, a teacher, and a communications worker, played significant roles in shaping her upbringing. Alongside her, she shares a deep bond with her twin sister, Ellen, who has made appearances on Maisie’s YouTube channel. It was Ellen’s presence that sparked the creative inspiration behind Peters’ remarkable single, “Brooklyn,” which found its place on her debut album, “You Signed Up for This,” released in 2021.

Maisie-Peters-Twins Sister


According to our records, Maisie Peters is currently single.


Early Career

Peters discovered her passion for singing at a young age, starting when she was around eight years old, as she joined various choirs. By the time she reached nine, she had already composed her first song, and at the age of 12, she started writing songs more frequently. This creative spark was ignited when she borrowed her friend’s guitar for a school project. As she grew older, at the age of 15, Peters took her musical talents to the streets of Brighton, where she started busking, captivating passersby with her performances. In addition to her street performances, she began sharing her original songs on YouTube, using the platform as a means to showcase her talent and reach a wider audience.


Professional Career

In 2016, at the age of 15, Peters showcased her musical talent by performing several original songs on The Ayala Show. Her debut single, “Place We Were Made,” was independently released in August 2017, followed by her second single, “Birthday,” four months later. These songs garnered attention in the indie-pop scene, with “Place We Were Made” being named BBC Introducing’s song of the week in early 2018. As a result, Peters signed with Atlantic Records UK.

Under Atlantic, Peters released several singles, including “Worst Of You,” and two EPs titled “Dressed Too Nice for a Jacket” and “It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral.” In 2020, she contributed the song “Smile” to the soundtrack album of the film Birds of Prey. Peters was also slated to be the opening act for Niall Horan’s Nice to Meet Ya Tour in Europe, but the concerts were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, she wrote and performed all the songs for the Apple TV+ series Trying and released another soundtrack.

On June 15, 2021, Peters left Atlantic Records and signed with Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records. Under this new label, she released her debut album, “You Signed Up for This,” on August 27, 2021. The album achieved significant success, debuting at number 2 on the UK Albums Chart and becoming the top-selling album in UK independent record stores that week. With her singles “John Hughes Movie” and “Psycho,” Peters made her first entries on the UK Singles Chart. She embarked on her first headlining tour in the United States in 2022 and joined Sheeran’s +–=÷x Tour as an opening act.

Throughout her tour, Peters released several singles, including “Cate’s Brother,” “Blonde,” “Good Enough,” and “Not Another Rockstar.” She announced a UK tour scheduled for April 2023. On January 27, 2023, Peters released “Body Better,” the lead single from her second album. Describing it as one of her most honest songs ever, she announced the release of her second album, “The Good Witch,” on February 15, 2023. The album, released on June 23, 2023, is her own twisted version of a breakup album. Leading up to the album release, Peters unveiled weekly Tarot cards related to each track on the album, accompanied by descriptions of the songs.


Peters is the proud owner of a soprano voice, as noted by numerous sources. In addition, she proudly identifies herself as a devoted “massive fan of Taylor Swift,” showcasing her deep appreciation for the renowned artist. Alongside Taylor Swift, Peters also expresses her admiration for the English Irish girl group Girls Aloud and the talented English artist Lily Allen. Her diverse musical taste is further reflected in her own work, where she draws inspiration from various genres. Peters acknowledges the impact of esteemed bands such as Arctic Monkeys, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, and Fall Out Boy, especially in her pop rock compositions. Their influence has played a significant role in shaping her unique musical style.


  • You Signed Up for This (2021)
  • The Good Witch (2023)


  • In 2020 Trying
  • In 2022 Never Mind the Buzzcocks


The Hollywood Music in Media Awards of 2021 celebrated the extraordinary achievements and contributions of music in the entertainment industry, specifically in Hollywood.

Net Worth 2023

Maisie Peters has accumulated an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million. Most of her earnings stem from the sales of her music and her revenue generated through YouTube.

Latest News About Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters Brings Infectious Energy To Glastonbury Festival 2023

The 23-year-old Sussex singer-songwriter made a captivating entrance onto the legendary Pyramid Stage this afternoon (Friday). Armed with a collection of new songs from her second album, The Good Witch, which received glowing reviews upon its midnight release, she mesmerized the audience.

Maisie-Peters-Latest News

With her sophomore album, she has garnered even more comparisons to her idol Taylor Swift. Her honest and infectious style of pop, infused with personal experiences of heartbreak and her self-deprecating humor about her “terrible, terrible taste in men,” has further solidified these associations. However, the primary inspiration behind her latest work, according to Peters herself, stems from Lorde’s Melodrama album.

Despite any apprehension she may have had about showcasing her expanded catalogue during her Glastonbury debut, she exuded confidence and composure throughout her performance. With graceful movements and boundless enthusiasm, she effortlessly traversed the Pyramid stage, captivating the sun-drenched audience with her impeccable stage presence and contagious vigor. The sheer power of her performance elicited an uproar of applause and cheers from the mesmerized crowd. Maisie Peters exudes an irresistible and contagious energy that electrifies every room she enters. Her vibrant presence and boundless enthusiasm have a way of captivating audiences, leaving them unable to resist the pull of her magnetic personality. With every performance, Maisie’s infectious energy spreads like wildfire, igniting a sense of joy and excitement that lingers long after the music fades. Her passion and zest for life shine through her music, infusing each lyric and melody with an irresistible charm that resonates with listeners far and wide. Maisie Peters is a force to be reckoned with, a shining star whose infectious energy illuminates the world around her.

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