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Josh Freese is an American session drummer. He is the touring drummer for the Foo Fighters’ 2023 tour. His older brother Jason Freese is also a musician.



Born-25 December 1975

Birthplace-Orlando, Florida, U.S.

Full name-Joshua Ryan Freese

Height-not known.

Weight-65 kg

Parents-Stan Freese, Tricia Freese

Sibling-Jason Freese




  • Hard rock
  • heavy Metal
  • pop punk
  • nu Metal
  • new wave
  • industrial rock
  • alternative rock
  • pop
  • pop rock
  • Music groups- Blink-182, The Offspring, MORE


Stan Freese and Tricia Freese are celebrity parents who happen to be drummer Josh Freese’s parents. His father, Stanford Freese, is an American tuba player and musical director who is the director of talent and bookings for Disney Entertainment Productions. He is 79 years old.

His mother, on the other hand, is a celebrity wife, and a classical pianist.


In addition to the drummer, the couple is the parents of another son, American musician, and multi-instrumentalist Jason Freese, who is the older brother of Josh.

Josh Freese Wife


Freese is married to Nicole Amdurer Freese, who also happens to be his manager.

Josh’s wife, Nicole, is a real estate agent and works at Lisa and NIC Real Estate in Los Angeles, California. Apart from that, she is also a finance manager and recently provided excellence to individuals through his startup.  Although the subtleties of the marriage and the romantic basis of the story are obscure to the uninitiated, Josh and Nicole have been together for twenty years.

Josh Freese Children


Freese have four children.

Early Life

Freese began playing drums at age 8. He started playing professionally at the age of 12 (mainly in Disneyland’s Top 40 group). He played electronic drums in the teenage rock band Polo, which won the Junior Star Search. Polo already had a drummer, band founder Jimmy Keegan, before joining the Magic Kingdom, but they found a place on stage for the son of Disneyland orchestra conductor Stan Freese. Other groups on the same stage were limited to presenting Top 40 hits, but Polo was not subject to such restrictions. The group recorded and released an EP of the same name, which received some airplay on KROQ.

Josh Freese Early Life


At 16, he dropped out of high school and began touring and recording, first with Dweezil Zappa and then with the Vandals. Over the past 25 years, he has worked with many prestigious artists as opening drummer, band member and occasionally as a temporary stage presence.


Freese began his career as a drummer in the Top 40 cover band on Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace Stage from 1985 to 1988. Since then, Freese has been a member of the punk rock band Vandals since 1989.

Freese played on Infectious Grooves’ Sarsippius’ Ark album and Suicidal Tendencies’ 1992 album The Art of Rebellion. He played on Korean Seo Taiji and Boys’ 1994 and 1995 albums Seo Taiji and Boys III and Seo Taiji and Boys. He was a member of Guns N’ Roses from 1997 to 1999, replacing Matt Sorum and signing a 2-year contract.

In 1996, Freese joined a reformed Devo at the Sundance Film Festival, replacing David Kendrick. Freese later became their main drummer in concert and in the studio.

In 2002, he played session drums on The Young and the Hopeless by Good Charlotte.

Freese toured with Nine-Inch Nail following the illness of drummer Jerome Dillon on the 2005–2006 With Teeth winter arena and summer Amphitheater tour. He contributed live drum parts on “Hyperpower!” and “Capital G” on Nine-Inch Nails’ album Year Zero, released in 2007.

Freese appeared with Weezer as support on Blink-182’s 2009 tour, with Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson playing guitar for 90% of Weezer’s set.

He continued to tour with Weezer in 2010 and 2011 as well as appearing live with Sting, the Vandals and Devo. Freese continued playing in the Replacements in their 2014 and 2015 shows. In 2022, he played drums with 100 gecs as well as Danny Elf man at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California. In 2022 and 2023 he is performed with Foo Fighters.

Josh Freese Career

Foo Fighters

He also performed with the Foo Fighters at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute concerts in London and Los Angeles in late 2022. On May 21, 2023, at Foo Fighters’ “Preparing Music for Concerts”, it was revealed that Freese would be the touring drummer for the 2023 tour.


In a 2007 interview with Guitar Canter, Freese said:

“I don’t think my setup ever gets that crazy or unusual. You can almost always count on starting with the basic Ring 4 setup and adding from there. For Vandals, that’s all I use.  Devo adds another shelf. On NIN, just keep one tooth, but I have 2 layers to the left of the hi-hat and a third layer (with the NIN, the drums are about 2 inches bigger than I would normally use… 14 to stand. 24 strokes, 18- and 20-inch floors… 16 from the sleeve side). 2 racks and 2 layers of A Perfect Circle, 2nd snare on my left sleeve… more cymbals on APC too.  Sting has 3 mounts but smaller sizes and only one layer. You can never have too many plates (except I guess with APC). In the studio my drums are usually something like a basic 4-, 5- or 6-piece kit with a lot of snare and cymbals.


Main article: Josh Freese discography

Solo discography

  • Destroy Earth As Soon As Possible (1998, as “Princess”)
  • The Notorious One-Man Orgy (2000)
  • Since 1972 (2009)
  • My New Friends (2011)

Net Worth

Freese’s net worth is estimated at $5 million.

Josh Freese Band

Josh Freese Bands And Music Groups

  • Devo (since 1972)
  • A Perfect Circle (1999)
  • Sublime With Rome (2009)
  • The Offspring (1984)
  • The Vandals (1980)
  • Nine-Inch Nail (1988)
  • Blink-182 (1992)
  • Guns N Roses (1985)
  • Paramore (2004)
  • Good Charlotte (1996)
  • Suicidal tendency (1989)
  • The Replacements (1979-2006)
  • Black Light Burns (2005)
  • Infectious Groove (1989)
  • The Desert Session (1997)
  • The Damning Well (2003-2013) etc.
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