The JBL Wave Buds and Wave Beam Review- Price, Specs, And More

JBL by Harman has always been a popular brand when it comes to audio products, with a great legacy of creating great-sounding audio products. In fact, the Harman Target curve is considered by many audiophiles as the ideal target curve for tuning headphones and earphones. Recently, JBL updated its affordable Wave lineup, with two new products called the Wave Buds and the Wave Beam.

JBL Wave Buds and Wave Beam


In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at these two products. The Wave Buds are designed for those who are looking for a buds design, while the Wave Beam has an ear stick design. JBL gives you the choice to pick your style, and it’s great that they have updated their affordable lineup.

The Wave Buds and Wave Beam come in four different colors white, beige, black, and mint. The Beam has your traditional lid design, so you can flip it open with one hand, making it very easy to use. The Buds have a unique case design where there is no top, and JBL calls this the “topless design.” After looking at this design, the first thought that probably comes to your mind is that they will fall out. But the magnets are actually very strong and hold the buds inside very securely.

The fit of the Wave Beam is excellent, with a really nice shape that fits my ears very well. They stay comfortable and secure for long listening sessions, and the oval tube design that JBL has going on with the Beam is the reason for this. This design fits almost every ear canal type very well, and it’s great to see it in JBL’s affordable lineup.

Pairing the Wave Buds and Beam is super easy, with Bluetooth 5.0 support, along with Google Fast Pair. This ensures that they are connected to your Android phone extremely quickly, and once it is connected to your specific Gmail account, it remembers it across all your devices as well. This is quite rare to see in truly wireless buds in this price range.

Once you have paired the buds, download the JBL app, which gives you a lot of controls that are surprising for the price point that these are available. The first thing you see is Ambient sound control, in which you get Ambient Aware and talk through options. Ambient Aware is JBL’s version of transparency mode, which works exceptionally well. The talk through option can be used when you want to have a conversation with the person on the opposite end but don’t want the music to stop, so it’s playing softly in the background.

Apart from this, you can also control the level of the Voice Aware feature from the slider that’s available within the app itself. The app also gives you control for EQ’ing the sound according to your preference, and as far as default built-in apps go for truly wireless earbuds, this is one of the most malleable ones out there. The gesture controls are also upgraded from the push-button ones that were there on the Wave 100, and these gestures are particularly well-tuned on the left bud. You can single-tap to increase the volume and double-tap to reduce it, making it easy to adjust the volume on the go. Additionally, there is a Smart Video toggle that reduces the lip sync between video and audio, making it perfect for watching videos or casual gaming. While the ANC and transparency mode are absent, these features are not common in this price range.

The case for both the Wave Buds and Wave Beam can hold up to 24 hours of charge, with each bud offering eight hours of listening time. Furthermore, with just 10 minutes of charging, you can get two hours of listening time, making it a convenient choice for those on the move.

Both the Wave Buds and Wave Beam come with 8mm drivers in each housing, and they sound very similar. The default tuning is well-balanced, with a slight emphasis on the bass section. However, what sets these earbuds apart is their ability to retrieve a good amount of detail and clarity in the sound. Additionally, the mic quality is pretty good, making it a suitable option for those who need to make calls frequently.

Moreover, if you want more bass from the Wave Buds, you can use the “Extra Bass” feature that adds weight to the low end. You can also customize the sound signature according to your preferences by using the app.


The JBL Wave Buds and Wave Beam will start at a price of Rs. 2999.


In conclusion, the JBL Wave Buds and Wave Beam are impressive products that offer high-quality sound at an affordable price. The touch controls, long battery life, and personalized sound signature make them a desirable choice for anyone looking for truly wireless earbuds. Whether you prefer the in-ear design of the Wave Buds or the open-ear design of the Wave Beam, both of these earbuds are worth considering. So, go ahead and check them out.

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