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Brett Sutton has extensive experience and clinical expertise in public health and infectious diseases, gained through emergency medicine and field work in places such as Afghanistan and East Timor.

He represents Victoria on several key national bodies, including the Australian General Health Protection Committee (AHPPC). He is also Head of Human Biosecurity for Victoria. Professor Sutton has a keen interest in the practical incorporation of tropical medicine and palliative care into humanitarian efforts.

Professor Sutton is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, a Fellow of the Australian College of Tropical Medicine, and the Australasian Faculty of Public Health (AFPHM). He is also a member of the Faculty of Travel Medicine.





Full Name-Brett Andrew Sutton

Profession-Public health doctor, CHO

Spouse-Kate Sutton

Nationality- Australian


Brett Sutton parents are not known at the time.


Prof Sutton’s wife Kate Sutton is the founding co-director of the all-female NGO the Humanitarian Advisory Group.

Kate is a leading humanitarian donor in Australia and the region. She has worked for more than twenty years in international organizations in operational and administrative positions, including eight years of fieldwork in the context of humanitarian aid. Kate is particularly interested in the areas of humanitarian protection, diversity, and inclusion.

Brett Sutton Wife Kate Sutton

She is passionate about using evidence to improve humanitarian aid and has technical expertise in research, evaluation, training, and assistance. Her country experience includes long-term humanitarian missions in Albania, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and East Timor, as well as short-term missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Indonesia.  Since 2012, Kate has been working as a founding director of a humanitarian consultancy group in Melbourne. Kate has led several evaluations of humanitarian operations, including Australia’s humanitarian evaluations in Syria, Myanmar, and Vanuatu, as well as global assessments and reviews such as the Transforming Surge evaluation of the START network project. Kate has written research reports on diversity and industry engagement, as well as retention and localization. She has contributed to the development of defense technical guidelines, including the Global Defense Cluster Training Package on Defense Integration (2014) and the Sphere Handbook Defense Principles (2018).

Kate was named one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women in 2015 and was awarded the Humanitarian Foreign Service Medal by the Australian Government in 2016.


The couple, who met in Afghanistan, have three children together.

Brett Sutton Wife and son


Brett Sutton grew up in Croydon, Melbourne. He attended Melbourne High School and then completed a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree at the University of Melbourne and graduated from James Cook University in 2008 with a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.


Early Career

After graduation, Sutton worked in emergency medicine, and worked with several international relief and field organizations, including Doctors Without Borders, the International Rescue Committee of Kenya and Ethiopia, and John Snow International of East Timor. During that time, he appeared in several episodes of the reality series Medical Emergency.

Sutton also worked in the health sector in developing countries and did fieldwork in Afghanistan and East Timor.

Brett Sutton Career

Public Health Career

During the 2010s, Sutton held infectious disease-related positions at Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services. In March 2019, he was appointed Director of Health.

As health officer during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sutton provided public health advice to the state government on its response to the virus and used emergency powers under the Public Health and Welfare Act 2008 to impose restrictions and closures in Victoria.  After the virus re-entered the community through leaks in the hotel quarantine system, Melbourne faced the longest and strictest restrictions in Australia: Melbourne imposed a 112-day restriction during the second half of 2020 and at night. Curfew and 5 km driving limit. These measures were ultimately successful, and the restrictions were lifted in late 2020 when Victoria managed to eradicate the virus from the community. Throughout the pandemic, Sutton has appeared regularly at press conferences with the premier and other ministers. As a result, he has become a public face of the Victorian Government response to the virus.

Net Worth 2023

Brett Sutton (doctor) Net worth

Net worth, 2023 – 7.44 million

Net worth 2022- 6.7 million

Net worth 2021- 5.95 million

Net worth 2020 -5.21 million

Net worth 2019- 4.46 million

 Brett Sutton Reason Of Resignation

 Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton is stepping down after a four-year role that saw him become one of the faces of the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key points:

  •  Victoria’s health chief is stepping down to join the national science agency CSIRO.
  •  Brett Sutton served as the state’s chief medical officer for four years, playing a key role in the response to COVID-19.
  •  His tenure was not without controversy, as he saw seven ends in metropolitan and regional areas.
  •  Professor Sutton is leaving the Department of Health to take up a role as Director of Health and Biosafety at CSIRO from September.

Brett Sutton Resigns

Professor Sutton, who first joined the Department of Health in 2011, was appointed Director of Health in 2019.

As Chief Health Officer, Professor Sutton became one of the faces of Victoria’s health response during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing daily case numbers and health updates at widely watched press conferences.

It was a role the now 53-year-old relished.  “I know it’s fast-paced, and I know pandemics can challenge your entire ability to respond, but to be honest, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing,” Professor Sutton told the ABC in 2020.

“I love this job. I absolutely love it.”

Brett Sutton has been given daily press conferences from COVID in Victoria. (News video)

In his role, Professor Sutton oversaw seven closures across the metropolitan area and regional Victoria to prevent the spread of COVID.

His tenure was not without controversy, as he claimed he was unaware that private security was being used in Victoria’s flawed hotel quarantine plan – despite having copied an email about the plan.

His role in the public health response to COVID has also made him a target of conspiracy theories. Before joining the Department of Health, Professor Sutton worked in hospital emergency rooms for ten years before overseas postings took him to places such as Afghanistan and Ethiopia.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews wished Professor Sutton “all the best” in her upcoming social media role.

“As a CHO, Brett helped keep us informed and above all safe,” he wrote.

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