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Ash Barty is an ex-professional tennis player and cricketer from Australia, achieved the distinction of being the second Australian tennis player to attain the top spot in the singles rankings of the Women’s Tennis Association. She held this prestigious ranking for a total of 121 weeks.



Height- 1.66 m

Weight- 62 kg

Born- 24 April 1996

Birthplace- Ipswich, Queensland

Full Name- Ashleigh Jacinta Barty

Profession-Tennis And Cricket Player

Retired -14 March 2022

Career end-2022

Spouse- Garry Kissick

Nationality- Australian


Ashleigh Jacinta Barty, born on 24 April 1996 in Ipswich, Queensland, comes from a family with diverse sporting backgrounds. Her father, Robert Barty, hails from the rural town of Bowen in North Queensland and excelled as a golfer, representing both Queensland and Australia. Later, he pursued a career at the State Library of Queensland. Her mother, Josie, is the daughter of English immigrants and also had a successful golfing career in her youth, eventually transitioning to work as a radiographer after retiring from the sport.

Barty’s ancestral ties trace back to the Indigenous Australian Ngaragu people, who are native to the southern regions of New South Wales and northeastern Victoria. This connection comes through her great-grandmother. Despite her Indigenous heritage, Barty grew up in Springfield, a suburb of Ipswich, Queensland. She attended Woodcrest State College throughout her upbringing and has two older sisters named Sara and Ali.

During her childhood, Barty not only pursued tennis but also played netball. However, she eventually decided to focus solely on tennis, stating that she viewed netball as a “girls’ game” and because her sisters were more skilled in that sport. Notably, Barty did not participate in cricket during her upbringing.

Ash Barty with parents


Barty has been romantically involved with Garry Kissick, a professional golfer from Australia, since 2017. Their engagement was publicly announced in November 2021. In September 2020, Barty emerged victorious in the championship held at the Brookwater Golf and Country Club, where she initially crossed paths with Kissick in 2016. The couple exchanged vows and got married on July 23, 2022. On July 3, 2023, she welcomed a son into the world.

Ash Barty husband


Ashleigh Jacinta Barty, commonly known as Ash Barty, is an Australian professional tennis player. She began her career as a junior player and quickly gained recognition for her exceptional skills. Here is an overview of her career:

 Early Success in Junior Tennis: Barty had a successful junior career, winning the girls’ singles title at Wimbledon in 2011. She also reached the top ranking in junior tennis and won several prestigious junior tournaments.

Transition to the Professional Circuit: Barty turned professional in 2010 and started participating in various professional tournaments. She achieved her breakthrough in 2013 when she won her first WTA title at the Malaysian Open.

Temporary Retirement and Switch to Cricket: In 2014, at the age of 18, Barty took a break from tennis and decided to pursue professional cricket. She played with the Brisbane Heat in the Women’s Big Bash League but eventually returned to tennis in 2016.

Rising through the Ranks: After her return to tennis, Barty steadily climbed up the rankings. She showcased her versatile skills on different court surfaces and earned several notable victories, establishing herself as one of the rising stars of women’s tennis.

Grand Slam Success: Barty achieved her first major breakthrough at the 2019 French Open, where she claimed the singles title. This victory made her the first Australian woman to win a Grand Slam singles title since 1973. She followed up with strong performances in other Grand Slam tournaments, reaching the quarterfinals or better multiple times.

World Number One: Barty reached the pinnacle of women’s tennis by attaining the world number one ranking in June 2019. She held the top spot for a total of 74 weeks, solidifying her status as one of the best players in the world.

 Multiple WTA Titles: Barty has won numerous WTA titles across different tournaments and surfaces, including hard court, grass, and clay. Her versatile game, which includes powerful groundstrokes, a strong serve, and exceptional variety, has helped her achieve success on various playing conditions.

Olympic Medalist: In 2021, Barty represented Australia at the Tokyo Olympics and won a bronze medal in the women’s singles event. She also competed in the doubles event, partnering with Storm Sanders.

Throughout her career, Ash Barty has been praised for her sportsmanship, mental toughness, and all-around game. She continues to be a prominent figure in women’s tennis, inspiring young players around the world.



Ashleigh Barty, known as Ash Barty, has received several awards and accolades throughout her tennis career. Here are some notable awards and achievements earned by Barty:

  • WTA Player of the Year: In 2019, Barty was named the WTA Player of the Year, recognizing her outstanding performances and achievements on the women’s professional tennis circuit.
  • BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year: Barty was honored with the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award in 2019. This prestigious award recognizes the achievements of non-British athletes who have made a significant impact in the world of sports.
  • Young Australian of the Year: In 2020, Barty was named the Young Australian of the Year, which is an annual award given to an outstanding young individual who has made a positive contribution to the country and serves as a role model for the youth.
  • Order of Australia Medal: Barty was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in the Australia Day Honours list of 2020. This prestigious honor was in recognition of her services to tennis as well as for being a positive role model and inspiring the next generation of athletes.
  • Newcombe Medal: The Newcombe Medal is the highest individual honor in Australian tennis. Barty has won the Newcombe Medal on multiple occasions, including in 2017, 2018, and 2019, in recognition of her outstanding achievements and contributions to the sport.
  • ESPY Awards: Barty has been nominated for the ESPY Awards, which are presented annually by ESPN to honor excellence in sports performance. She was nominated for the Best Female Tennis Player category in 2019 and 2020.

These are just a few of the notable awards and recognitions that Ash Barty has received. Her exceptional talent, achievements, and sportsmanship have earned her widespread acclaim in the tennis world and beyond.

Net Worth 2023

Net Worth (2023)-$47 million

Monthly Income and Salary-$0.5 million +

Yearly Income and Salary-$5 million +

Welcomed Their First Child

Retired tennis legend Ash Barty and her husband, Garry Kissick, have joyfully welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Hayden. Kissick shared the delightful news, posting an endearing photo of the newborn accompanied by the caption, “Our precious boy, Hayden, has arrived! Welcome to the world!” Barty had

Ash Barty welcomes first child announced her pregnancy in January, using their respective Instagram accounts to share a picture of their dog, Origi, beside a pair of baby shoes.

The arrival of their son, Hayden, marks an exciting milestone for Barty and Kissick, who expressed their anticipation for this new chapter in an Instagram post captioned, “2023 is set to be our best year yet. We are incredibly thrilled for this new adventure. Origi is already fulfilling her role as the protective big sister.” The news comes half a year after the couple’s wedding in Queensland, uniting the tennis star and golfer.

Their wedding in July 2022, which took place six years after their serendipitous encounter at Queensland’s Brookwater Golf and Country Club, sealed their love. Barty and Kissick chose to keep their relationship private for several months before publicly acknowledging it in 2017.

Barty, who retired from tennis in 2022, has frequently expressed gratitude for Kissick’s unwavering support throughout her remarkable athletic journey. In an interview with Vogue, she praised him, saying, “He’s the ideal companion for switching off from tennis, injecting fun and laughter into our training sessions, and not taking everything too seriously. I wouldn’t want to share this incredible journey with anyone else

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