Lawrence Bishnoi   Latest Interview

Lawrence Bishnoi is currently lodged in Bathinda jail.

On March 13, ABP News aired an interview with gangster Lawrence Bishnoi.

The Punjab Police authorities have denied the channel’s claims that the interview was shot inside the prison.

In a 57-minute+ interview, Lawrence talked about the Sidhu Mossewala murder case and other cases in which he was allegedly involved.

When asked how he could contact the channel from inside the prison, Lawrence said he used loopholes in the prison system to access the mobile phones.

Lawrence alleged that he was jailed for his involvement in university scuffles.

Lawrence claimed if given an opportunity, he would choose the way of non-violence, and build a Gaushala.

According to the Police, Lawrence is at present confined in the high-security zone of Bathinda Jail, where strict surveillance is kept over his activities 24×7.

Punjab Anti-Gangsters Task Force (AGTF) Assistant Inspector General Sandeep Goel also denied it was recorded in Punjab jail.

Lawrence accepted that a couple of weeks before the murder, he had an argument with Goldy, and the revenge for the murder of their associates was pending, but he was not aware of the plan to kill Moosewala.

He further claimed Sidhu Moosewala was not a saint as he is being projected by the media nowadays.

He also claimed that he is against Khalistan, Pakistan, and anything anti-national.

When asked about the funding, Bishnoi said the money was collected as protection money from the liquor smugglers who supply illegal liquor to states like Bihar.

He accused Moosewala’s father of doing politics.

He claimed Punjab Police was working under the influence of Moosewala and did not act in matters related to the murders of his associates.