Ryan Siew Death: Died at 26, Guitarist Of Metalcore Band Polaris, Has Passed Away

Ryan Siew’s Cause Of Death

Ryan Siew, the prominent lead guitarist of the up-and-coming Australian metalcore group Polaris, passed away, On June 19, 2023.

The Australian band made an announcement on Instagram, expressing their sorrow over the passing of their dear friend and artistic companion, Siew. They did not disclose the cause of his death.

Ryan Siew Cause of death

In their heartfelt post, the band described Siew as kindhearted, intelligent, funny, brave, and exceptionally talented. They spoke of his deep appreciation for art and beauty in all its forms, his love for great food and good company, and his passion for various interests such as Harry Potter, psychological thrillers, crime documentaries, and diverse genres of music. They emphasized his strong bond with his family and friends, and expressed their everlasting love and longing for him, acknowledging that his absence would create an irreplaceable void in their lives.

The band had been preparing for the release of their latest album, “Fatalism,” scheduled for September 1, according to CNN. However, they recently announced the cancellation of their tour dates in Europe due to a serious personal crisis within their family.

Ryan Siew death

Siew joined Polaris in 2013, a year after the band’s formation, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. They released their debut album, “The Mortal Coil,” in 2017, followed by “The Death of Me” three years later.

In January, Siew had shared a photo on Instagram showing him lying in a hospital bed and connected to various medical devices, as reported by the Times. Although the reason for his hospitalization was undisclosed, he mentioned that he was “working on himself” and expressed gratitude for overcoming his reliance on antidepressants and the associated mental fog and lethargy. He also mentioned encountering health scares that served as a wake-up call, expressing his commitment to personal growth and recovery. Siew apologized for his silence, acknowledging the worry it caused among those who loved him while expressing gratitude for their patience and support during the chaotic period.

Ryan Siew dies at 26

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