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Ron DeSantis, an American politician and the 46th governor of Florida since 2019. A member of the Republican Party, DeSantis previously served as the representative for Florida’s 6th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018. He is currently a candidate in the 2024 United States presidential election.

Hailing from Jacksonville, Ronald Dion DeSantis spent a significant part of his childhood in Dunedin, Florida. He pursued his higher education at prestigious institutions, earning degrees from Yale University and Harvard Law School. In 2004, DeSantis joined the United States Navy, rising to the rank of lieutenant and serving as a legal advisor to SEAL Team One. His military journey took him to Joint Task Force Guantanamo in 2006 and later to Iraq in 2007. Following his return to the U.S. after an eight-month deployment, he was appointed as a Special Assistant U.S. attorney at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Middle District of Florida by the U.S. Attorney General. DeSantis honorably completed his active military duty in 2010.

Ron DeSantis



Height- 6’3” (approx.)

Weight-70 (approx.)

Born- 14 September 1978

Birthplace- Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Full name- Ronald Dion DeSantis

Profession-Politician, Writer, Prosecutor

Spouse- Casey DeSantis (m. 2009)

Children- Madison DeSantis, Mason DeSantis, Mamie DeSantis


Education- Naval Justice School (2005), Harvard Law School (2005), Yale University (2001), Dunedin High School (1997)

Party-Republican Party

Office-Governor of Florida since 2019


Ronald Dion DeSantis was born to parents Ronald DeSantis Sr. and Karen DeSantis. Unfortunately, beyond this basic information, specific details about his parents’ personal lives and backgrounds are not readily available in the public domain. As a public figure, Ronald DeSantis has been more in the spotlight for his own political career rather than his family’s private life.

Ron DeSantis family


Ronald Dion DeSantis is married to Casey Black.Casey DeSantis is a former television host and journalist who worked for various television stations in Florida, including WTLV/WJXX in Jacksonville and WFTS-TV in Tampa. She has also been involved in philanthropic activities and community work.

Ron DeSantis wife-children


Ronald Dion DeSantis and his wife Casey DeSantis have three children together.


Ronald Dion DeSantis has had a diverse career that spans both military service and politics. Here’s an overview of his career:

Military Service: DeSantis served in the United States Navy from 2004 to 2010. During his time in the Navy, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and worked as a legal advisor to SEAL Team One. He was stationed at Joint Task Force Guantanamo and deployed to Iraq.

Legal Career: After leaving the military, DeSantis served as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Middle District of Florida. He also worked as an associate at the law firm Greenberg Traurig.

Ron DeSantis career

Political Career: DeSantis entered politics and was elected as the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 6th congressional district in 2012. He served in the House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018.

Governor of Florida: In 2018, DeSantis ran for the position of Governor of Florida and won the election. He assumed office as the 46th Governor of Florida on January 8, 2019.

As Governor of Florida, DeSantis has focused on various policy initiatives, including education reform, environmental protection, tax cuts, and criminal justice reform. He has been a prominent figure in the Republican Party and has garnered attention for his conservative stances on various issues.


Ronald Dion DeSantis has received several awards and honors throughout his career.

  • Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal: DeSantis was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for his service as a legal advisor to SEAL Team One during his time in the United States Navy.
  • Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal: He received the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal in recognition of his voluntary service during his military career.
  • Conservative Achievement Award: DeSantis received the Conservative Achievement Award from the American Conservative Union (ACU) for his voting record and advocacy of conservative principles during his time as a U.S. Representative.
  • Guardian of Small Business Award: The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) awarded DeSantis the Guardian of Small Business Award for his support of small businesses and entrepreneurship.
  • Leadership Award from the Faith and Freedom Coalition: DeSantis received this award in recognition of his leadership and advocacy for issues related to faith and freedom.
  • “Champion of Everglades Restoration” Award: The Everglades Foundation recognized DeSantis for his commitment to environmental conservation and restoration efforts in Florida.

Net Worth 2023

The net worth of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is estimated to be around $69 million US dollars.

Latest News About Ron DeSantis

On Wednesday, Chris Christie criticized his fellow GOP presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, for suggesting that the FBI or the Department of Justice (DOJ) could potentially interfere with his campaign. During an interview on CNN, the former New Jersey governor expressed his skepticism about DeSantis’ claim, stating that the country doesn’t benefit from spreading rumors.

Christie urged DeSantis, the governor of Florida, to be forthright if he genuinely believes there has been federal interference in his campaign or if he has reasons to suspect such actions. He emphasized that if there are legitimate investigative concerns involving DeSantis or his inner circle, it is essential for him to address them transparently while seeking the presidency.

Ron DeSantis latest news

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer questioned Christie about DeSantis’ remarks, wherein the Florida governor had hinted at the possibility of the FBI or DOJ meddling with his campaign. Christie responded by suggesting that DeSantis should share any pertinent information about potential investigations to dispel speculation.

Christie also expressed unease about DeSantis’ stance on upholding the rule of law, particularly in regards to former President Donald Trump, who may face a third indictment for his alleged role in undermining the 2020 election. Blitzer asked whether Christie would trust President DeSantis to enforce the law impartially, given DeSantis’ recent comment that he hoped Trump would not face further charges. Christie expressed reservations, pointing out that nobody should be above the law and stating that the real threat to the country is Trump’s conduct. Christie is positioning himself as a vocal critic of Trump within the Republican primary.

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