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Matt Rendell, a former Australian rules footballer, showcased his skills in both the Australian Football League (AFL) and the South Australian National Football League (SANFL). Primarily known for his prowess as a ruckman, Rendell commenced his professional career with the West Torrens Football Club in the SANFL in 1977, amassing an impressive tally of 79 games.



Height- 2 m

Weight-103 kg

Born- 18 April 1959

Birthplace-South Australia, Australia

Birth Name-Matthew Rendell

Profession-Australian Rules Footballer

Siblings: Tim Rendell


Dates joined- 1992 (Brisbane Bears), 1981 (FC Melbourne Srbija)


The specific details regarding Matt Rendell’s parents are not publicly known, as there is limited information available about them. However, it is worth mentioning that Matt Rendell’s brother, Tim, had a promising career as a ruckman. He played for West Torrens and was recruited by Fitzroy but unfortunately did not have the opportunity to play a game due to a chronic injury.



It is widely acknowledged that he is married, yet no information is available regarding his wife or the existence of any children within their union.


Rendell began his football career as a ruckman and made his debut with the West Torrens Football Club in the SANFL in 1977. He played a total of 79 games for the club. In 1981, he left South Australia and joined the Fitzroy Football Club in the VFL (now AFL), where he wore the No. 9 guernsey. Initially playing as a full forward, Rendell kicked 45 goals in his first year but later admitted that he did not enjoy the position.

In 1982 and 1983, Rendell won Fitzroy’s best and fairest awards and went on to serve as the team’s captain from 1985 to 1987. One of the most notable moments in his career came when he played as a seventh forward in a game against North Melbourne, countering Gary Dempsey’s marking ability. Rendell, who had not scored a goal in his previous seventeen games, surprised everyone by kicking eight goals, contributing to Fitzroy’s victory by a record-breaking 150 points.

Rendell’s time at Fitzroy was marred by injuries, particularly after 1983. In 1984 and 1985, he played only 26 out of 43 games due to various injuries. He had a final season with the Lions in 1988, playing just one game and spending the rest of the year in the reserves, which he attributed to a misunderstanding with coach David Parkin. However, he returned in 1989 and played 18 games, earning four Brownlow votes. Unfortunately, the team’s drive to the finals was derailed by an injury to their top forward, Richard Osborne.

Matt Rendell Career

In 1991, Rendell initially retired after playing 164 games and scoring 101 goals for Fitzroy. However, he reversed his decision and joined the Brisbane Bears (now Brisbane Lions) in 1992, playing 13 games and kicking 7 goals before ultimately retiring for good.

After his playing career, Rendell transitioned into coaching and joined the St Kilda Football Club as an assistant coach and match-day tactician, working alongside Grant Thomas. However, he was sacked at the end of 2006 with the appointment of Ross Lyon. In 2007, Rendell returned to South Australia and became the recruitment manager for the Adelaide Football Club. However, he resigned from the position on 16 March 2012 due to issues related to reported comments about the recruitment of Indigenous players.

Following his departure from Adelaide, Rendell was hired by Collingwood with the AFL’s permission as part of their recruiting department. In 2015, he also took on the part-time role of coaching Collingwood’s ruckmen.


Rendell, a prominent player for Fitzroy, achieved the notable feat of winning both the 1982 and 1983 best and fairest awards, solidifying his exceptional talent and contributions to the team. Furthermore, his leadership qualities were acknowledged when he was entrusted with the captaincy role from 1985 to 1987. Adding to his legacy, Rendell played a pivotal role in an extraordinary match that has become etched in the annals of V/AFL history, standing out as one of the most remarkable games ever witnessed in the sport.

Net Worth 2023

Matt Rendell’s estimated net worth in 2023 ranges between $1 million and $5 million.

Latest News About Matt Rendell

Matt Rendell Critically ill Post-Heart Attack

Former Fitzroy champion and highly regarded AFL club recruiter, Matt Rendell, is currently in critical condition after suffering a heart attack. The Rendell family has confirmed the severity of his illness, revealing that he collapsed while walking his dog and was rushed to a hospital in Melbourne’s south-east.

Matt Rendell Illness After Heart Attack

Tim Rendell, Matt’s brother, shared that someone noticed him and called for an ambulance, but it remains unclear how long he was lying there before help arrived. As Tim headed to the hospital to see his brother, he mentioned that Matt was still unconscious and had not regained consciousness since the heart attack.

Describing Matt as “pretty fit” and an active individual, Tim mentioned that he has two sons who are currently overseas. The news of Matt Rendell’s condition has shocked many within the AFL community, particularly those involved in recruiting and the former Fitzroy community, where he is highly regarded as an amiable and sociable figure.

During his playing career, Matt Rendell played 164 games for Fitzroy from 1981 to 1991, and an additional 13 games for the Brisbane Bears in 1992. He earned two best-and-fairest awards and was selected twice for the All-Australian team. After retiring, he ventured into coaching as an assistant coach with St Kilda. However, he gained the most recognition as a recruiting expert, notably with Adelaide and later Collingwood.

One of Rendell’s notable successes in recruiting was selecting Patrick Dangerfield at the age of 17 for the Crows, despite local sentiment favoring Brad Ebert. He also played a pivotal role in drafting other notable Adelaide players, such as Rory Sloane and Rory Laird. Rendell took great pride in drafting Laird as a rookie in 2012. In recent years, he shared his expertise through columns on recruiting and list management for The Age and was a regular contributor on SEN radio, where he was known for his candid and occasionally unconventional viewpoints.

The AFL community remains eager for updates on Matt Rendell’s condition, with his situation generating widespread concern.

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