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Ani Choying Drolma, renowned by the names Choying Dolma and Ani Choying, is a Tibetan-origin Nepalese Buddhist nun and musician hailing from the Nagi Gompa nunnery in Nepal. She has gained global recognition for introducing numerous Tibetan Buddhist chants and feast songs to a wider audience, making her a well-known figure in Nepal and around the world.



Height- 5′ 5″ Feet


Born- 4 June 1971

Birthplace- Kathmandu, Nepal

Full name-Choying Drolma

Profession-Nun, Singer

Nationality- Nepali

Genre: Ghazal


Born on the 4th of June 1971 in Kathmandu, Nepal, to Tibetan exiles, Ani Choying sought refuge in monastic life to escape her physically abusive father. At the age of 13, she found acceptance in the Nagi Gompa nunnery. Over several years, the monastery’s chant master, who had received training from the wife of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, imparted to her the music for which she later became renowned.

Ani Choying Drolma family


At 52 years old, Drolma remains unmarried and without children, challenging the conventional norms for women in Nepal. Clad in saffron robes, she fearlessly navigates the bustling streets of Kathmandu, honking her horn, and blasting her songs from the radio. Her actions defy societal expectations and break barriers in a chaotic yet empowering manner.


Back in the year 1994, the accomplished guitarist Steve Tibbetts undertook an inspiring journey that led him to a nunnery, where a remarkable collaboration with the talented Tibetan singer Ani Choying would soon begin. Together, they embarked on a musical endeavor that would not only bridge cultural gaps but also captivate the hearts of many. Utilizing his exceptional skills on the guitar and drawing inspiration from the rich Tibetan musical heritage, Tibbetts set out to capture the essence and soul of this ancient tradition.

Over the course of their collaboration, Tibbetts and Ani Choying poured their hearts and creativity into the recording studio, giving rise to two exceptional albums titled “Chö” and “Selwa.” These works of art were met with resounding praise from critics and audiences alike, attesting to the immense depth and beauty infused within the music. Both albums served as a testament to the

powerful union of two distinct musical talents, combining the masterful guitar melodies of Tibbetts with the mesmerizing, ethereal vocals of Ani Choying.

Ani Choying Drolma career

As their artistic partnership blossomed, Tibbetts and Ani Choying were not content to keep their music confined to the studio. Instead, they embarked on a series of intimate and soul-stirring performance tours. These tours allowed them to share their creative vision with the world and, more importantly, connect with audiences on a profound level. It was during these tours that they found themselves in the sacred embrace of historical Tibetan monasteries, creating an extraordinary ambiance that only added to the spiritual dimension of their performances.

In these hallowed settings, the music took on a transcendent quality, echoing through the ancient walls and resonating with the essence of centuries of spiritual devotion. Tibbetts’ guitar work intertwined seamlessly with Ani Choying’s angelic voice, enveloping the audience in a sublime experience that transcended cultural boundaries. The fusion of musical traditions and spiritual resonance became a potent force, fostering a deep sense of unity and understanding among those who were fortunate enough to witness these captivating performances.

As word of their unique musical journey spread, the impact of Tibbetts and Ani Choying’s collaboration rippled far beyond the confines of the monasteries and the nunnery. They became ambassadors of cultural exchange, showing the world the profound beauty that arises when diverse musical traditions converge. Their work exemplified the potential for harmony and interconnectedness in a world often plagued by divisions.

The legacy of Steve Tibbetts and Ani Choying’s collaboration lives on, not just in the recorded albums and the memories of those fortunate enough to attend their performances but also in the hearts of countless individuals whose lives were touched by the transformative power of their music. Through their artistry, they proved that music can be a universal language, capable of transcending boundaries and fostering a shared human experience, enriching the lives of both creators and listeners alike.


  • Chö (1997) (with Steve Tibbetts) – A collaborative album released in 1997 featuring Choying Drolma and musician Steve Tibbetts.
  • Dancing Dakini (1999) – An album released in 1999, showcasing Choying Drolma’s musical talents and spiritual themes.
  • Choying (2000) – An album released in 2000, possibly focusing on the artistic expression of Choying Drolma’s identity and experiences.
  • Moments Of Bliss (2004) – Released in 2004, this album likely offers a collection of serene and blissful musical pieces.
  • Selwa (2004) – An album from 2004 that may continue to explore Choying Drolma’s artistic style and message.
  • Smile (2005) – Likely released in 2005, this album might feature uplifting and joyous melodies.
  • Taking Refuge (2006) – Released in 2006, this album might delve into themes of finding refuge or solace through music.
  • Inner Peace (2006) – Possibly a follow-up or extension of a previous work, this 2006 album may focus on introspection and tranquility.
  • Time (2007) – An album from 2007, possibly exploring the concept of time and its significance through music.
  • Aama (2009) – Released in 2009, this album may pay tribute to motherhood or hold a special dedication to maternal figures.
  • Matakalaa (2010) – An album released in 2010, potentially showcasing diverse musical elements and creativity.
  • Inner Peace 2 (2010) – A sequel or continuation of the 2006 “Inner Peace” album, further exploring themes of serenity and calmness.
  • Mangal Vani (2011) – Released in 2011, this album might feature auspicious or uplifting messages in its music.
  • Clear Light (2012) – An album from 2012, possibly exploring themes of clarity, enlightenment, or purity.
  • Zariya – Ani, A R Rahman, Farah Siraj—Coke Studio (Season 3) at MTV (2013)- A collaborative performance on Coke Studio (Season 3) in 2013, involving Choying Drolma, Ani Choying Drolma, A R Rahman, and Farah Siraj.
  • Rebuilding with Love World Tour – A world tour with a theme of rebuilding and promoting love, possibly undertaken by Choying Drolma.


She published her autobiographical book Phoolko Aankhama in 2008. The book has been translated into 14 different languages.

Humanitarian Work

Ani Choying has actively engaged in numerous humanitarian endeavors. Notably, she has been a strong proponent for an official Earth Anthem, aligning her efforts with Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K’s vision in this regard. Additionally, her impactful presence was felt at the India Inclusion Summit, where she delivered an emotionally stirring speech.

Net Worth 2023

The estimated net worth is $1Million USD.

Ani Choying Drolma net worth 2023

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